GRANXIA Beppu Kannawa


GRANXIA Beppu Kannawa

Beppu is one of the most famous hot spring resorts in Kyushu, in terms of both the number of hot spring wells and the yield of hot water, Beppu is the best hot spring resort in Japan. In April 2021, GRANXIA Beppu Kannawa opened in Beppu as an outdoor tourist destination offering new ways to spend time in a hot spring resort. From GRANXIA Beppu Kannawa, you can see the natural beauty of Mt. Yufu and Mt.Tsurumi, and at the Mt.Ogi, the Ogi Fire Festival, one of the largest fire festivals in Japan, is held once a year. At the foot of these mountains, you can also enjoy the sight of the rising the steam of hot water, which was selected as one of the Japan's landscapes to be retained in the 21st century.

GRANXIA Beppu Kannawa

private onsen

Rarely seen in the Kyushu area
All cabins have in-room hot springs.

Beppu has 10% of all the hot springs in Japan. Not only the number of spring wells, their water qualities are various, and among Beppu's many hot springs, the Kannawa Onsen is considered to be one of the most effective. At GRANXIA Beppu Kannawa, all cabins are equipped with individual hot spring baths whose water is Kannawa Onsen's , representative of Oita Beppu. You can enjoy a comfortable outdoor life all year round. Even for winter glamping, the Beppu hot spring, with its high heat retention effect, will create a more comfortable and luxurious experience.

Gramping Dome Tent

Even in bad weather
You can enjoy the large Glamping Dome Tent

In the large semi-circular domed-tents, you can have comfortable time in all seasons with double-layered structure with high insulation and full airconditioning.
Enjoy the rich natural scenery of Beppu from the clear front part of the tent. There are six types of rooms and two types of rooms that you can stay with your dog.

Gramping BBQ

Eat up all the Oita
Luxurious glamping BBQ using local ingredients

A glamping BBQ using plenty of ingredients from Oita, Beppu. We offer a luxurious glamping BBQ that can only be enjoyed at GRANXIA Beppu Kannawa, using wagyu beef, fresh seafood, and other ingredients produced in Oita. We also offer an "with no meal stay plan" which you can bring your own ingredients to enjoy our original BBQ.
We have the vegetable marche at the front desk/center house,where fresh vegetables are available for Jigoku-mushi(steamed dishes by spring water vapor) or BBQ.

Private Restroom・Onsen・Dining Area

Safe for children and women
Individual restroom, hot spring, and dining space

For your comfortable stay, the restroom, hot spring, and eating space are available in the room without going outside from the tent. You can enjoy BBQ safely and confortable even if it is raining. The building structure is designed to keep out the cold even in winter, so you can enjoy glamping BBQ throughout the year.
At GRANXIA Beppu Kannawa, a hot spring glamping, you can enjoy a different kind of glamping than summer glamping, even during the cold winter.


High quality as a hotel
Various amenities

We have prepared a full range of amenities for guests who are new to the outdoors, children, and women. In addition to basic necessities such as towels and toothbrushes, we also provide a skin care set (cleanser/face wash foam/toner/lotion), so you can come empty-handed.

Jigoku-mushi(Hell steaming)

With its high temperature rising steam of hot springs in Beppu
【Jigoku-mushi(Hell steaming)】workshop

The unique experience of Jigoku-mushi(steamed dishes by spring water vapor) is only available in Beppu with high-temperature hot springs steam. GRANXIA Beppu Kannawa's own hot spring also emits steam at a temperature of 95 degrees Celsius, you can enjoy the Jigoku-mushi.
We have the【Vegetable Marche】 at the front desk/center house where fresh vegetables are available to all guests during their stay, so please use it for the Jigoku-mushi(steamed dishes by spring water vapor) and BBQ.


Over the campfire, enjoy the view of
Mountains changing their appearance from season to season

From GRANXIA Beppu Kannawa, you can see mountain views of Mt.Yufu, Mt.Tsurumi, and Mt.Ogi.
Mt.Yufu consists of two peaks, the east peak and the highest peak, the west peak. Mt.Yufu has been revered as an object of worship since ancient times, and its name is mentioned in the "Kojiki" and "Bungo Fudoki". Mt.Tsurumi is 1,375 meters high and is one of Japan's three hundred most famous mountains. The mountain's beauty can be seen along with Mt. Yufu in the background, and the changing seasons can be felt from the mountain scenery, such as Miyama-kirishima in early summer, autumn leaves in fall, and fog ice in winter.

BBQ for your one day trip

We also offer one-day BBQ
Glamping complex

We offer a choice of menus that allow you to enjoy Kyushu-Oita to the fullest, including ingredients from the prefecture, carefully selected Japanese beef, fresh seafood, and freshly picked vegetables.
We also offer day use BBQ for your one day trip.

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All of the 14 cabins and 6 types of rooms are equipped with a hot spring bath. We are conscious of creating a facility that eliminates contact with other guests as much as possible. All rooms are private and located at a sufficient distance from other rooms, and there are individual toilets, hot spring baths, and dining spaces.There are also rooms with special features, such as large dome tents that can accommodate large groups of people or those with their beloved dogs.
All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with a variety of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for women and children.


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A wide variety of onsite and offsite activities are available.。
We introduce a variety of activities to help you enjoy the Beppu area before and after your check-in.

Enjoy one-day BBQ and Jigoku-mushi(Hell steaming) workshop!
Glamping complex

A one-day BBQ space that can accommodate up to 40 people is available. We offer the glamping BBQ using Japanese beef and seafood from Oita. You can try the Jigoku-mushi (hell steaming) ,steamed dishes by spring water vapor.


Photo Wedding

GRANXIA Beppu Kannawa offers the photo wedding in cooperation with the wedding planner company "cherish for wedding".
You can rent dresses. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Photo Wedding


Rental and Sales Items

  • BBQ gas grill Rental

    3,500 yen (tax not included)

    BBQ gas grills are available as an additional option for overnight guests with no meal plan.
    Please select from the options on the reservation form if you wish to apply the BBQ with the overnight stay with no meal plan.
    *The grill can be rented free of charge for guests of the plan with meals.

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Access to the hotel


Center House

1409-1 Tsurumiteruyu, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture Japan 8740840